Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Starting a new charitable investment fund on GLBSE (bitcoin stock exchange[]).  Where people can donate shares, coins or buy shares in the fund.  The shares will pay no dividend and just offer the right to vote on the funds motions.  All coin donated or shares purchased in the fund profits will be used to buy a spread of high yeilding stocks and bonds on the GLBSE.  90% of the funds profits will be reinvested (to be reviewed as the fund grows in proportion to the exchange market) while the rest will be donated 50:50 between BTC/LTC/NMC promotion and development, and the other 50% to tech charities that accept bitcoin donations.   Such as The Freedom Box Foundation - - and - The Free Network Foundation - -  The 50% used on bitcoin development and promotion will be decided by motion on exactly where it should go.

I don’t have a lot of coin but do have a few shares and some free time to give this.  I promise to donate my time totally free of charge for the first twelve months.  Then in the future any costs of running the charity will be decided by motion.  I will always be keeping 10% of the shares in the fund myself.  All accounts will be made public.

So can we get the ball rolling to buy the ticker name - 1CcZtRGJK5x2ttW8DQW6S5C1U6DdwUkrw - then once we have a ticker people can donate shares and buy them for or from the fund too.

Also if anyone would like to donate time to make a website or hosting for shares in the fund then contact me.

Disclaimer - No shares will be bought in my mining stock at the moment as I've temporally changed it from dividend paying stock to a growth stock.  Investment would only start into my mining stock after a motion vote to do so.

I will be emailing Nefrio to see if he can offer us a free ticker due to this being a charitable fund.  If he say's yes then donations towards the ticker fee will go on buy the funds first high yielding shares. 

To donate litecoins - LKQ9ZKKBNHYcPjSkSK2GnkbYb7PeFgnSj7

To donate namecoins - NCvUBqH8bPGwybfWHWycF8dYiLYb8gg3VN

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